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1) 'The Role of Religion of Education'

Or - 'The role of Education in Religion'!

This is a 26 page booklet giving a brief outline of the ownership and control of education by the church and the way they use it for their own promotion and the exclusion of women from education, public affairs and keep them in domesticity and subservience. The elitism of education  has been used to suppress atheist and secularist opinion  and has allowed the religions to dictate our cultural direction  and shape our prejudices. It describes  the way that this has enabled them to shape our society in many ways  Today's harsh and punitive attitudes, politics, social  policy, crime and punishment, health and welfare, reproductive health and women's equality are a result of this distortion of 'education' by Christianity. 

ISBN 0-9550671-1-1



From An Atheist Perspective - Education

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2) Illicit Sex and the God Machine by A.Shaw

The 'great' religions have dangerously narrow attitudes to human sexuality, only acceptable within holy marriage for the procreation of children and not  for pleasure. Outside of this model, they  promote prejudice and discrimination, lack of safe-sex education and understanding that causes suffering to  men women and children. Their punitive attitudes cause suffering through stigma, ill health and poverty as the punishment for disobeying 'gods laws'. Today's  attitudes to women - their health, autonomy and reproductive rights, child care, income and child support, abortion and population control are all affected to their detriment by Christian attitudes.

These outdated attitudes  explain the opposition to same sex relationships based on equality and respect that subvert the notion of women as the inferior domestic partner; their insistence on marriage at all costs, opposition to divorce, safe early abortion, easy available contraception and condom use to protect from STDs.

ISBN 09550671-3-8







3) 'A Theory of Belief' - A.Shaw

  This 33 page A5 publication  gives a new  perspective on how and why, intelligent,  educated and otherwise rational people continue to believe in superstitions, the supernatural god and the mumbo jumbo of religion.

It shows how indoctrination and belief, and other such apparently 'mystical or mysterious' phenomena such as the placebo effect, the brainwashing of cults and bizarre beliefs in alternative therapies and faith healing, use the normal systems of human physiology. These powerful psychological techniques are part of our human repertoire of techniques that are used every day, to manipulate behaviour, mood and emotion - and relieve stress and anxiety that can affect health.  The prime purpose of these systems is to maintain, physical, mental and emotional health and well-being, but a side effect can make people, particularly children and vulnerable people susceptible to mind  manipulation.

The basis of the theory can be seen most clearly in its particular relevance to it's role in health care, conventional and alternative, but is also to be seen in many other areas of the manipulation of behaviour - politics, teaching and child rearing . Alternative Therapies only work at this level and there are dangers of believing in them that override, any temporary 'feel good' factor that is claimed by some users.. Faith in 'magic' and the supernatural, undermines faith in rational, evidence based medicine.

ISBN 0-9550671-0-3



A Theory of Belief.pdf



4) 'A Challenge to Religion on Health' - A.Shaw

The religions claim a 'special role' of care and compassion for the sick, but in this closely argued 27 page publication this view is challenged. The real effects of religion on health and welfare has been to instill stigma, fear and prejudice, stifle rational scientific research and progress and use its monopoly to promote their beliefs, gain kudos and keep people dependent on the church.

It shows that in physical, mental and emotional health, the effects of  religion have been  malign . Their attitudes to sex, social control and the inferiority of women, have distorted attitudes to the human body; caused stigma and prudery; caused harmful punitive attitudes to illness, prevented health education and the participation of women in education, science and the health professions. Religious institutions have neglected and done great harm to thousands of children

This is a hard hitting assessment of the false claims of religion on human health.

ISBN 0-9550671-2-X



A Challenge to Religion on Health.pdf



5) Transience by Sue Mayer


  Poems written by a woman freethinker, on a range of subjects

  relevant to her beliefs or rather non-belief - life and death,

  "the honourable state of godlessness", feminism, the environment and  





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